School Of Design


A designer is someone who designs the structure, format, or appearance of an object. Basically, anyone who is creative and has an eye for unique creations like photos, graphics, games, interfaces, themes, templates, spaces, products, services, and experiences is a designer.

Based on what they create, there are different types of designers. In this article, you will learn about some of the common categories of designers and their jobs.

Types Of Designers

Web Designer:

A web designer, also sometimes referred to as an interactive designer, is a person who creates web interfaces and website pages for the internet. Whether you need a blog template, a simple web page or a complete website or mobile app design, he/she is the person for you.

A good designer will have strong knowledge of the design tools and technologies and may also have some web development experience.

Graphic Designer:

A graphic designer is someone who creates visuals, images and other visually-appealing elements, usually for conveying an idea.

The works covered by a graphic designer include logos, brochures, leaflets, business cards, invitations, packaging, and more. They use colours, images, shapes, and words to create attractive graphic designs to be used in various places.

Interior Designer:

The person who designs the various aspects of a house/office/building, preferably according to the behaviour of the people who are supposed to use these spaces.

Interior designing has nothing to do with web or graphic design, however, it still requires creativity. A designer must be able to analyze people’s behaviour and create suitable designs accordingly.

Do not confuse an interior designer with a decorator. Yes, a designer may also sometimes decorate, but a decorator does not create new designs.

Fashion Designer:

A fashion designer is someone who makes use of the existing fashion trends, materials, and his/her own creativity to introduce new designs and product ideas.

Fashion designing is a very important and a completely separate industry. Many colleges also offer degrees in this area.

If you are looking for someone to select the right clothes for you or to create new fashion trends, a fashion designer is what you need.

UI/UX Designer:

A UI (User Interface) Designer creates interfaces for mobile applications and other software programs. The user interface is how a user interacts with the features and functions of a certain application.

A UI designer is different from a graphic designer in that the later only designs the graphics and images while the UI designer defines how users interact with those graphics and digital designs.

A UX designer is responsible for creating user experiences by improving the design and usability of the interaction between the user and the product.