Air Travel Reservation Course (Basic)

Course Objectives:

  1. Starting Journey towards exciting career in Travel Trade.
  2. Basic knowledge about different job requirements in travel agency.
  3. Career as travel consultant, tour operator, reservation manager.
  4. Learning about global geography (Countries, Cities and Airports).
  5. Learning about different airlines and their services.
  6. Opportunities to work in global Airlines.
  7. Opportunities to Travel around the word.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Travel Trade.
  2. Introduction to world geography by aviation industry.
  3. Introduction to Air Travel Technology.
  4. Introduction of Major Airlines & products.
  5. Introduction to Airline Reservation Systems (GDS).
  6. Video presentations about modern airports, aircrafts and advance technology.
  7. Group learning opportunities.
  8. Practical trainings in live reservation systems.

Duration of Course:

04 Weeks…

Credit Hours:

24 Hrs.


  1. Joint Certification With (Travel port and Lahore Chamber Of Commerce).
  2. One month internship offer.

Course fee Structure:

Admission fee 5,000 PKR
Tuition fee 10,000
Lab and course material charges 10,000 PKR
Examination fees and certification 5,000 PKR
Total 30,000 Pkr