Air Travel Management Course

Course Objectives:

  1. Comprehensive knowledge about aviation and industry.
  2. Essential Knowledge to become aviation entrepreneur.
  3. To deal with Current and upcoming challenges of passenger travel management.
  4. To become successful in competitive market place.
  5. Revenue optimization through technical skills.
  6. Experiencing case studies & practical workshops for day to day operation.
  7. Complete process of opening Travel Business, licensing and required procedures.
  8. Successful operational guide ranging from airline reporting, finances and customer management.

Course Content:

  1. Airfares and advanced ticketing program.
  2. Foundation course for airline reservation on GDS with Galileo.
  3. Travel routing for different destination/airlines.
  4. Fare rules and fare construction advised by multiple carriers.
  5. Understanding of different airline products operating on (International and domestic routes).
  6. Travel Business management guide.
  7. Day to Day travel agency operations.
  8. Customer categorization such as B2B and B2C.
  9. Business Travel for Corporate Customers.
  10. Learning verification of Travel documents.

Duration of Course:

08 weeks...

Credit Hours:

48 Hrs.

Course fee Structure:

Admission Fee 5,000 PKR
Tuition fee 45,000 PKR
Certification fee Galileo 10,000 PKR
Lab charges & handout charges 15,000 PKR
Examination fees and certification 5000 PKR
Total 75000 PKR