About Us Details


Skillhouse.pk is a premier institute committed to deliver the highest level of professional skill development training, enabling individuals representing diverse backgrounds to develop, enhance and strengthen their professional capabilities, essential for the fast-paced and challenging work environment.

We strongly believe that present and future belongs to the professionals who learned and polished their professional skills instead of traditional academic scenario. Similarly, all organizations require skilled employment in order to maximize their productivity, optimizing revenue, expanding the business portfolio and moving towards business success. Moreover, we encourage to develop entrepreneurial skills to empower individuals to take initiatives, start their own businesses and grow further to be a successful businessperson, contributing to the economy of the country and becoming a job creator instead of the job seeker.

As social contributor, we are regularly conducting informational workshops absolutely free of cost to create awareness about various programs such as travel and tourism, IT, digital marketing, visa consultancy, call center training, fashion design, beauty salon and hospitality courses emphasizing the needs and importance along with practicality in future career.


Our mission is to deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase our course participants' on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organisation, hence empowering generations. Our Skilled programs are designed and outlined by special market pioneers in order to achieve maximum productivity and to generate right people for the right jobs.


Our mission is to empower the youth of Pakistan with the skills that cannot only help them to earn their livelihood without appearing in any long term degree programs or by paying huge amounts, but also enable them to do something for their country with in the short period of time. Our concept can open various kind of opportunities for an individual that can be the gateway for someone to become an entrepreneur in the competitive changing environment of local and international markets, instead of following the root map of a traditional education system in Pakistan.

We are on the move of not preparing the right resource by developing skills for the right task but also contracting with nationals and multinationals for the engagement of our skilled resource as early as possible in a practical field. And for developing skilled human resource and to equip them with the best of knowledge and grip in their specialized fields, we are in a continuous effort of engaging professionals in their respective fields, which may a successful entrepreneur or may on the top level management of a multinationals.


Our coaching team comprises of highly dynamic and innovative professionals and entrepreneurs, having proven track record and success in their careers, holding key positions in well-reputed organizations.

Our course materials have also been developed and designed based on research, experience, effectiveness and powerful content delivered in the digital form includes handouts, videos, and presentations.

Our teaching philosophy is to conduct interactive sessions, group studies, case studies, practical examples and participation from each student.